Easter Lily by L. Kolp

Easter Lily by L. Kolp

Each month a poet is interviewed for Pretzels & Bullfights: Spotlights. With questions asked, pictures shared and poems offered, you are given the opportunity to get to know one of our own a little better.

Below is a list of dVerse-ers who have been highlighted over the last year and a half. If you’d like a refresher, or missed some, click on their names and see what they had to say. Stop by their blogs and let them know how special they are to our poetry community.

Brian Miller
Pat Hatt
Claudia Schoenfeld
Mrs. Mediocrity
Fred Rutherford
Gretchen Leary
Kelvin S.M.
Jane Hewey
Glenn Buttkus
Miriam Euteneuer
Frank Watson
Mary Kling
Bjorn Rudbergs
Shanyn Silinski
Joe Hesch
Victoria C. Slotto
Steve Elsaesser

This month, I’m asking YOU for a little help. I need you to think of an interesting question or two that you would like to see in the interviews. PLEASE LEAVE YOUR CREATIVE QUESTIONS IN THE COMMENTS. Hopefully I can round up a list of 20 or so for the interviewee to choose from. I’m getting tired of mine. = )

Thank you… see you next time.


FINAL BlueCouch_FlatForeBooks[1]

EXCITING NEWS~My first complete poetry collection, Upon the Blue Couch, has just been released.