photo by Daniel Weinand

photo by Daniel Weinand

Sitting in the truck on a 16 hour road trip, listening to the radio chasing stations across the prairies has me thinking about road trips and the rhythm if the road.

I remember the sounds of a road trip. Tires on the pavement. Sometimes smooth and others loud and rough. The smells of the country side or city or by pass.

The radio stations as we pass through their range. The click of cassettes (back in the day even 8 tracks!). And today a CD mix or iPod playlist.

The conversation when we are fresh. The snoring when only thw driver is awake. The snacks or fast food. Sandwiches and pop. Treats for the trip.

Planes, trucks, ferries or trains – road trips have a rhythm different than anything else.

Pull out the poetic trip guide ans take us out with you on a recent, past, imagined or dreamed of trip.

Share the rhythm of the road in your words, and in images as well if you have them.

The hint is traveling and the rhythm if the road that takes us down the long miles we travel and the ways we travel. Daily or for journeys of longer distance and or time.

Think travel music,food, smells and sounds and form the poetry so we can feel your road rhythm.