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We are in the middle of seeding, and with the weather being less than optimal (I know, it’s NEVER perfect for farmers!) it has taken a week longer than we would have liked. Today should be the LAST day.

It got me thinking, as I was driving around feeding the guys on their air seeders, about our poetry. What if our poetry could be a ‘seed’. What would we want it to ‘grow’?

Words have power, poets have known this since the first people’s started sharing tales and teachings through song, and into the bardic tradition where the bard could tell the King what no one else could.

Words have power, but like seeds, we don’t often get to see what goes on beneath the surface and can only observe what is growing after it comes out of the soil.

For Poetics I would like you, my poets dear, to imagine your words as seeds.

Can we really grow change or awareness? Can our words be a warning or wake-up call? Maybe what we are growing is intimacy, a poem meant for an audience of one. Or perhaps it is prayerful and seeks the Divine?

I have a few poems that have gone around which shook people up and inspired others. Some were written with a degree of ‘in the moment’ heat and others were carefully crafted for a reaction from a certain audience.

Each one ‘seeded’ into ground – will it come up? Will it wither away? Be a bumper crop or a sticky weed?

I’d love to see something new, but if you have an older piece to add that was your first ‘seed’ poem please feel free to share as well.

Here is one of mine:

How Many Stand Silent?

How many stand silent,
Watching as you quietly die?

How many stand silent,
Watching as you are abused?

One, a dozen, the whole world.
What if no one spoke for any of us?

Would you speak if the hand raised,
was raised against you and yours?

How many stand silent,
Knowing who deals death
Just beyond their door?

How many stand slient,
Knowing cruelty lives and thrives
Just beyond their door?

One, a dozen, the whole world.
What if no one looked at any of us?

Would you cry out or would you cower away,
if the cruelty was coming through your door?

How many stand silent,
Waiting for someone to speak?

How many stand silent,
Believing the lies, “I’ve changed”?

One, a dozen, the whole world.
What if we stopped believing them?

How many stand silent…
How many stand silent waiting for…
Just one person to say, “Stop! Enough!”?

How many stand silent…
How many stand silent waiting for…
Someone else to make the world change?

copyright Shanyn Silinski 2010

The photo I took yesterday could have been a ‘fail’ but I really like the rainbow through the rain spotted glass…we just don’t know when something can become more. Sometimes we just need to give it a chance to grow!

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