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photo by Ed Webster

photo by Ed Webster


Whew… hey Bri… that’s a crazy place for a ball….how did you…?
(sweeps cobwebs off the wall)

I googled ‘places poets go’ and it was tops of the list…perhaps because Dante’ Alighieri was exiled from the city…but the hedge mazes, the palace, the secret passages in and out…well it all makes for a rather intriguing place..I think this passage brings us out near the Jupiter Garden

The birthplace of the Renaissance… that’s awesome..did you see… there seem to be some signs as well… I cannot read them though…

Well, if I could read Italian I would translate, but I bet it either says “Happy Three Year anniversary” or — “Bathrooms this way.”

Hahah… or “let’s get the party started”
I brought confetti, candles for the chandeliers,
my saxophone…

Oo la, a little mood music…

Think there’s someone who’s playing the piano?

Oh I am sure one of our poets can tinkle the ivories…music and poetry go so well together…

Three years dVerse Poets pub i– wow– quite a reason to celebrate – are you glad that we didn’t give up a while ago?

I am glad. We have settled into a nice rhythm now — not so taxing….and we have such wonderful friends in quite a few of the poets. Its good to have a place we can gather and converse over our poetry. Smiles. Did you think we would still be going at this point?

We wouldn’t if we didn’t have such an awesome team I think…What are the things you like most in the pub?

Oh it is def the people. A place is a place, but add people and it gains gravity. Keeps you wanting to come back. So I would say the poets…and our pubtenders. Reading their poems and prompts, you really feel like you get to know them…and just look forward to being around them.

How about you?

Yeah – the people as well – love when the clock strikes 3 and our poets start pouring into the pub, laughing, talking, saying hello to each other…

hmmm…I’m excited… what do you think – should we place that Buffet table over here… ?

Definitely, that way people can look up at the stars as they fill their plates. Wonder what the chefs have in store for us?

Ouch…hey… careful

Sorry, was distracted by the statue of the dwarf riding the turtle…not watching where i was going…

Smiles… that is a cool statue… see that one over there…? looks like Da Vinci

I wish that Dave could celebrate with us – think he’s watching from above?

Smiles. Yeah I imagine so…he was a staple in the pub and i miss seeing his name in my Inbox most every morning…

You know I love to meet all the different people from around the world
We’ll have an around-the-globe buffet tonite – right?

That’s one thing about the pub…we have people showing up from all over the world every time we are open…and each poem is like a window into that part of the world…there are places I definitely hope to go after reading about them…

Do you think Tony is going to bring Haggis?

I hope so. The first time I had it, a co-worker brought it in…and I am a sucker to try anything once…It’s not bad at all…i am in serious need of a kilt though…

You in a kilt – that would be cool
Think I go for Sari – a friend of mine showed me once how to wrap it..

Looking forward to some indian food by Abhra as well… hmmm

Love me some Indian food…wonder what other exotic dishes we will have…oh I think we should stop talking about the food, I am getting too hungry for my own good…ha….

At midnite we could fold lantern boats and let ‘em float down the stream… what ya think?

Oo, maybe even do sky lanterns like they do in thailand….we could set the world to light no matter which way you look….smiles.

Yeah – let’s set the world to light… I can’t wait…

So what exactly do we want people to write?

Well, let’s see.

Tuesday is our Pre-Ball Celebration. I am sure everyone will be a bit excited so let’s talk about who they look forward to seeing. Maybe an Ode to Poets, or even a tribute to a specific poet at the pub that has made an impact on their writing and or life. It would be hard for me to choose just one, so I might do one to the poets en masse…ha.

Very cool idea.. can’t wait to read what everyone will come up with

Thursday is the Ball…

We want them to join the ball – right? As if they were really here – that would be so cool…

That would be really cool. Maybe they can use those poetic imaginations to see themselves at the ball. Maybe some will write about the food they are bringing. Ha.

Did you order the crab legs?

Seriously, we need to stop talking food until the ball. Lol.

I am sure some had quite an adventure getting to the ball, so maybe some will write about that, or what they wearing to the Poets Ball, or what their dance card looks like or getting lost in the secret passages, or the statuary here in the Gardens…

And then Saturday, after everyone finally wakes up after the Ball…what about an Ode to the Pub…

Do they have to write in a specific form?

Oh, no. You know me and form. Ha. But if you remember, our very first prompt, before we even opened was to write about a pub…now that we have been in one for a while I think we should revisit it…Smiles.

Yes I remember – and I love what has grown from that tiny seed

And then there are the surprises along the way…a new anth–

Hey, we can’t give away everything the first day can we?

I guess you are right. Alright, let’s finish getting things set up, people will begin showing up soon.


Poets Ball