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“Hey– you”


“I know you–
How’s your friend?
You wrote a poem about him a while back, that he’s struggling and…”

“Thanks for asking– he’s doing good– has a new job and–”

“Awesome– what about a cuppa coffee and a little chat and you can tell me–?”
Poets!!PoetspOetspoEtspoeTspoetSPoets??pOets poetsPoets–oohh—pOetspoEtspoeTspoetSPoetspOets***poetsPoets pOetspoEtspoeTspoetSPoetspOets poets PoetspOetspoEtspoeTs poetSPoetspOets poetsPoetspOetspoEtspoeTs poetSPoetspOets*lovemeagoodpoets*poets PoetspOetspoEtspoeTspoetSPoetspOets!!

Real people with real lives who touch us, influence, inspire, motivate, move us to tears, make us jump for joy, laugh out loud, make us wanna set out on a boat and embrace the clouds, light a candle and just sit in the spell of their words for a bit… &..&..&..

Write an ode today– to a specifiic poet (dead or alive) or to poets in general–
Today– if not always anyway– it’s all about people—