Hi all hope you are doing well – it’s me, Abhra, back to hosting the poetics tonight. I have been thinking over a week – what theme to pick for tonight, and to be honest, I didn’t come up with anything – well, at least not until now, when I sat beside the window, looked at the setting sun, the mellow light falling on the neighbor’s fences and became pensive.

I shifted to this wonderful locality earlier this year and in a matter of few weeks, I will be moving out of here. I tried to look back and remember the countless times I shifted my nest from one place to another – within the country first, where I shifted from east (where I was born) to all the corners in India and then outside – so many times I just moved to a new place, got used to staying in the changed surroundings and I knew that I had to move again. It had been a painstaking process to quickly get accustomed to a new place, food, people and then not to get too attached, to be able to move again.

All of a sudden, my eyes fell upon the tree outside my window and saw a whole bunch of starlings – shaking water off their wings, sitting on different branches. I realized I wasn’t feeling sorry for moving again – the simple reason being I was going home. I stayed by the window for a while more, until I was one of the birds, and prepared to fly home. I could live the freshness of my garden, feel the dews touching my feet, smell the home grown spices, see the smile on faces I have not seen in ages and what not. In that moment, I was not there on my window – I was back home.

Tonight I want you to write about home coming – have you felt it like me, what it is to stay away and the coming back after a long time – have you been worried that the place you call home has changed all the time you have been away? When I was a young boy, I always imagined what fun it might be for a sailor to set out on a voyage for months – I was a big time fan of some Viking adventures back then and could live the life of my heroes. Tonight I want you be the sailor, eyeing a telescope in search for homeland.

Okay, so enough clues – I am sure you are on board the idea now.
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