dverselogoi slept in today.

i spent most of Sunday working on grad school papers, lesson plans and taking a test — after i was done teaching at church.

i doubt i will do much today.

and that is not a bad thing — some days.


Anyone ever heard of Brian Turner?

He was a soldier in Iraq. He is a poet — an award winning poet actually.

I read an article this weekend about him and it raised an interesting perspective for me. Here is a quote by Turner:

“I was an occupier, an invader. Being a part of this mighty military apparatus imposes a power dynamic on the story. I believe that some child whose door I kicked in will have more to tell us about the war than anything I could say. We don’t yet have that witness.”

There is a political side of this, but I want to think about the perspective. Every poem is just one part of the picture — because there is always another side, another facet. Our role in the moment colors our perception.

It would be interesting to read the boys side of that story.

I want to read them together and see how different they are.

I wonder if we can ever understand his perspective?

Maybe if we practiced writing from someone else’s perspective we might learn something — or maybe we would just write our stereotypes of what we think they are feeling in the moment.


We received over 300 poems as submissions to the new anthology. That’s a whole lotta reading.


If you submitted, we will be in touch.

Tell me, what is on your mind?

See you tomorrow, for Poetics we are writing to some of the artwork that is hanging here in the pub — chances you know who our artist is, she’s here just about all the time. Ha.