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Hey all, tonight it’s time for August’s Open Link Night. This is Björn again — and I’m reporting from Sweden. And now as we enter autumn here in the Northern Hemisphere we have the best year ever for mushrooms. Last week we picked more porcini than we ever did before, and there’s yet more out there. After that we will have yellowfoot and other late season mushroom. I’m far from being a mushroom expert, but there are some species that are easy to recognize. Hunting for mushroom is a very special experience, the search, spotting the signs, finding them wormstung, and at the end coming up with an evening’s worth of cleaning, frying (or maybe drying) is something that’s currently filling my weekends. In Sweden we have the right to pick mushrooms and berries wherever we want (except right next to houses), so this can really fill our pantries. There are also tomatoes to be harvested, and I have friends who have an autumn full of that work that still bring the satisfaction of having picked it all ourselves. Tell me, what’s your harvest? and for you in the southern hemisphere, tell us a little about your spring.

Rest Work (after Millet) by Vincent can Gogh

Rest Work (after Millet) by Vincent can Gogh

Tonight there’s no prompt (but you’re free to write about harvests). You can link up one poem, this is a night to enjoy anything our wide world of poetry might offer.

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