Hi all! Hope you are doing well – I am back to hosting the poetics tonight. Last time I played bartender, I was sad, thinking about moments of leaving my wonderful neighborhood that I came to like in last few months and also excited about returning home after a long time. Ever since I came back, I am traveling around and today I am finally flying back to my own hometown. I am very glad to host the poetics tonight, because I’m going to share some special memories.
Goddess in making, Kumortuli
I have to tell you some stories first. The festive season in our custom, starts today – with a festival called ‘Durgapuja’, where a goddess, ‘Durga’, who is known for annihilating all evil, comes to her parents with her four children – two sons (‘Kartik’ and ‘Ganesha’) and two daughters (‘Lakshmi’ and ‘Saraswati’) – for four days. She is worshiped in commemoration of her victory over her nemesis, ‘Mahishasura’ (a fierce and ruthless demon, who received a divine boon that he couldn’t be killed by any man). ‘Durga’ means invincible, she is the most powerful avatar of goddess. The tradition was to celebrate this event during the end of the year (March, in our calendar), but was later brought forward in Ramayana (the epic), to seek her blessing for battle against evil.

What amazes me today is that the history or the mythology becomes so much alive in these four days. Everywhere in the city, each locality will plan their celebration in their own way, giving life to a different theme every year. Though, I personally feel that this is way too extravagant, I cannot deny the appeal of seeing so many happy faces, new clothes and people of different age finding different means for happiness. During this time I just like to blend in – take photos, this time of the year, gives me some splendid photographic moments. I am looking forward to it this year – because it will be my first with my little one, participating in the celebration together.

So what about poetics tonight? I have given some clues and surely you can find more if you wanted to look up, but my idea is to write about mythology and blending it into a modern concept. I am sure that if you look back, you will find stories, that can be retold, that can be rewritten in today’s context.

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