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photo by cadillacdevlle2000

photo by cadillacdevlle2000

Season change is upon us. Autumn has begun. Leaves are starting to change. There is a cool nip in the air along with woodsmoke. Every step will soon be accompanied by a crunch. Ghouls & goblins will walk the streets. Turkeys will run in fear and tryptophan will put thousands of Americans into a food induced coma.

Autumn is my favorite season. To me, it is a pause before the great sleep, before the dying. One last brilliant explosion of color. A slowing down.

For some it is a time of remembering and sadness as the light is a little less and the darkness moves in. Since returning from my break, my poems have been a bit more moody — i never noticed a season change that affected my writing like that.

What about you? How does the season change affect you? How does it change your writing?

Talk to me. I am listening.