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As I contemplated my article today, I was thinking how it was the end of autumn and the beginning of winter. I always hate to see autumn go. I thought about fall and what it has meant to me. It always meant a fair – fairs of all sorts and while one word is not the usual prompt for Meeting The Bar, I thought this one was provocative.  Fair has many meanings, is a great rhyme word, and seemed to encapsulate so much of the season for me.  As I examined it with all its meanings, I thought it would make a great prompt.



These are the dictionary meanings From The American Heritage Dictionary of  the English Language:

  1. Of pleasant appearance because of a fresh appearance; comely.
  2. Light in color, especially blond.
  3. Light complexion:  fair skin.
  4. Free of blemish or stain.
  5. Free of clouds or storms, sunny.
  6. Promising, likely. We’re in a fair way to succeed.
  7. Having a disposition free of favoritism or bias, impartial: a fair moderator
  8. Just to all parties, equitable.
  9. Being in accordance with relative merit or significance. She wanted her fair share.
  10. Consistent with rules, logic, or ethics: a fair tactic.
  11. Moderately good, mildly satisfying: a fair rendering of the sonata.
  12. Superficially true or appealing; specious. Don’t trust his fair promises.
  13. Lawful to hunt or attack: Fair game.

There are also several archaic usages I won’t quote here.

(c) AP Photo File

Big Tex – State Fair of Texas

II. FAIR  – (and this is the meaning that set me on the subject)

  1. Gathering held at a specified time and place for the buying and selling of goods, a market. It could be a Renaissance Fair.An exhibition as of farm products or manufactured goods, usually accompanied by various competitions and entertainments: a county or state fair.
  2. An exhibition intended to inform people about a product or business opportunity, a job fair, a computer fair.
  3. An event usually for the benefit of a charity or public institution including entertainment and the sale of goods: a bazaar; a church fair.
  4. All of the above with pavilions to show cultural, social, business, inventions, new products, etc. such as a World Fair.
Dallas Bus Token

Dallas Bus Token

III.  And if that were not enough you can even choose FARE (the homophone).

  1. a: range of food :  
  2. b:  material provided for use, consumption, or enjoyment
  3. the price charged to transport a person.
  4. a paying passenger on a public conveyance

Take the one minimal word and write potentially to the maximum!

I think it’s a fair topic to spur better than fair poetry; let’s be fair and  put some wheels on it, paint it with camouflage, milk cows, peace signs or daisies and drive it to the fair!

Let’s contemplate the disappointment of society, the inspiration of mediocrity,  the outcry of political fairness.  It’s all up to you as we end this season of brilliance and anticipate the lights of winter.

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