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dverselogo18 days…it has been 18 days since my last poem…

ok, not really…just the last one i posted on my webpage…

where have i been?

i put up the Christmas tree. insanely early, i know.

i have been teaching a night class for kids that need the extra credits to graduate. and doing tutoring sessions every day before school.

i had a nasty head cold this last weekend.

honestly, i really just have not had the desire to be online.

there is nothing wrong. there is no trauma or difficulty going on in my life. (except the stove catching fire. we already replaced that though.)

to my knowledge, i am not depressed. (yes, i understand the irony in that.)

i still love my friends online. thank you to those that emailed. and hopefully, this sets at ease those checking on me through claudia as well. ha. i have been blessed by knowing each of you; interacting online and in real life.

poetry just got a bit stale for me…everything i wrote started to feel a bit more like the last thing i wrote. reading became a chore.

and it should not be that way…so i’ve been walk about…looking for fresh air…a fresh wind…a new creativity…

i will get there…it will be good…and then, you will see me again.

so how do you keep it fresh?