A week ago that sentence “Je suis Charlie” (I am Charlie) meant nothing to anyone.

I bet though that most of you today know what it means – and even those who don’t speak a word of French  – this sentence has become the epitome for freedom of speech and symphatism with those that have dared and died for it.

I was in the car when I heard about the assassination of the french satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and really I was so shocked that I couldn’t concentrate properly on the traffic anymore.

“Je suis Charlie” – I too am an individual who wants to be able to speak or write or paint my opinion openly and without fear of being assassinated. And even if what I have to say is not so easy to digest– and even though I may be close to the edge. I respect others that speak their mind openly and want to have the same right for myself.

When it comes to poetry – how fearless are you about what you write?
Are you careful not to step on anyone’s toes?
What is your benchmark for respect?
What’s your reaction if you read someone’s poetry and think they’re crossing a line? Will you tell them in the comments? Will you get angry and leave?
What are your thoughts when it comes to freedom of speech?

Looking forward to the conversation…