A new year, and being here at Meeting the bar I thought about doing the sestina, or maybe a some anapests, or maybe another complicated poetic device… but.. we need to relax and have some fun, many of us have rested during the holidays.

Blackout poetry – so bring out thick black pens and take an old book. Look for the hidden poetry in those words.

  1. Select a book-page
  2. Print it out or and black out everything you don’t want.
  3. Copy down the text (keeping the order
  4. Add line-breaks and or punctuation marks as you want
  5. If you can, add an image of your black-out book page.

To help you, I have added a few book-pages below.

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Come join the fun and write your own poem, and when you are ready link up with us.

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  • There you will find links to other poets, and more will join during the next 33 hours
  • Read and comment on other poet’s work, we all go here to have our poems read
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