Today at work I got a letter that was thick and when I squished it made a crackling sound.

The Sender was someone I work with on occasion but there was no specific project at the moment.
Inside was a bag of gummi bears and a little note which said “Thanks for your always great support”

And I was like “What?” I didn’t do anything special but that person took the time to say thanks.

The thing is that over here in Germany and Switzerland we don’t have a culture of surprising each other much with little presents or with saying thanks too often. If no one says anything you’ve done a good job – that’s it

But that little letter did something with me and I thought “Wow – it’s nice to get an unexpected surprise like that along the way”

Now my question for you is:
Do you live in a culture of saying thanks and mindful little surprises?
When was the last time you surprised someone or when did you get an unexpected Thank you or/and a little surpise yourself?

I think those little things can just change the whole atmosphere in a company, at home, between friends–&
probably we don’t do it often enough?

Talk away….