It’s the last saturday in January— and we’re celebrating– pssssshhh….Björn’s birthday – ha// & that poetry’s alive and well of course.

We’re celebrating creativity and honoring each other as we’re out on the trail there, reading and commenting on the works of our fellow poets

Life over here in Europe has been full of surprises those last weeks… first the Swiss National bank cut the Swiss Franc binding to the Euro which caused a torpedo rise of the CHF and then the European Central Bank decided to pump billions of dollars into buying government bonds which caused another little earthquake

So things that we thought are stable can change pretty quickly and in the middle of those turbulences we poets throw our words out there – which seems a good thing to do, trying to capture the emotions, the world, the things we see and what we think we see..

Happy OLN

Enjoy writing, reading, celebrating — and see you out on the trail

— Claudia