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dverselogo—the end of an era, out with the old, in with the new…there are any number of cliche’s that we could use but this week marks a turning of the page here in the pub — with claudia and myself stepping aside so that bjorn and the team can take the pub forward into its next phase of being….


…haha, there is always a but…before we go, we want to go out with a BANG and celebrate the nearly four years that we have been at the helm here…so Claudia and I have decided to transport you back in time for one week…back to the a time when knights roamed the land and defended castles &

when there was a change, or reason to celebrate they held the games, tests of skill, the joust…city gates wide open, guests from all across the land, a hustle bustle in the cobbled alleys…

„Mom, why are they walking barefoot?“ A small group of monks, on their way to prayer, a little boy with a slingshot, aiming for the doves that fly across the market place in search for crumbs “You think they ever going to finish that cathedral?” “I don’t know, the fashion changed from romanesque to gothic, they’re re-doing arches…” Scent of fresh baked bread, a beggar in the corner & i slip an apple on his lap. “See that tall man over there? He’s an engineer, a scientist, italian painter–” “Dang, he got an awesome beard”
“Can’t wait for the games to start.. just look at this guy with his shining armor–”


Tuesday for Poetics, we will be writing about the medeival tourney — and there are many ways you can take this:while the tourney was focused primarily on fighting when it first began it developed into an art form….Edward the Third held a tourney where everyone dressed up as knights of the round table…the art of story telling was often used….they were a show of wealth…and were used to mark important events in the history of family. they were used to impress and instill courage…and as the concept of courtly love developed, they became about chivalry and romanticism….they were also political events

so you could write about: games, art, costumes, wealth vs. true wealth, courage, chivalry, politics….

Thursday for MeetingTheBar, we will be holding our own type of joust…so be ready to pick a team…we wanted to try something special for this, so the prompt will go up at 6am already — but the Linky will not appear, and comments will not be open, until 3 pm. This gives you a little time to get the armor on, and the pen working before we go live.

Saturday is OLN, or the change over party before dVerse 2.0 takes over on Monday. So bring out your poems, bring out your poems…we will pull the cart around and pick up the bodies.

We hope you have fun with us this week…and as ever, see you out on the trail.