Oh dear, oh dear…what a party we had last week, and it was a wonderful attendance with a both jousting and the open link during the week, but even with a hangover the bar needs to stay open, and now we have to open… where did Brian put the keys.. Ah.. there they are..

And not just open, we had to bring up new kegs, and cool some wine, and … There were some broken glasses in the corners, and yes we thought we would refresh a little with some fresh paint too. I felt the black walls needed a splash of new color. We have repainted the banner too, but somehow I must be a little clumsy, so I also would like to invite you to come with suggestions for an updated banner.

Yes a contest for a new banner… please help out..

But we need to be careful too, the cellar is still well stocked and remember what a wonderful library this place has, we cannot leave stains on the books. When you have the time, go through and look through the thumbed old books from past bartenders, if you go there you will find excellent inspiration from the world of poetry.

So we have a new team, and we have worked behind the scene to get ready for the first week of prompts. and the first thing I wanted to announce was that we have two new members in the team:

Anna Chamberlain – is returning as a bartender. I’m sure she will be able to challenge you at Meet the Bar.

Bill Webb – who is new as a bartender but not to being active at dVerse, as a matter of fact Bill has already helped out with a prompt on Rilke and Rodin.

You will meet them both during the next couple of weeks.

You will find that the team page has been updated with biographies.

As for the dVerse week we will continue with the same days, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

On Monday we will start a series of articles with the theme of poetry from all across the globe, for me a dVerse has always been more about reading and understanding poetry than of writing myself, and I hope you will appreciate the inspiration we provide.

Tuesday it will be Poetics, which to me is almost like a virtual campfire where we meet around the same theme. The prompt will open at 3PM EST and be open for 36 Hours.

Thursday we will continue to challenge with forms and writing techniques every second week, and every second week we will try to have Open Link. This will make it possible for you all to have an occasion to either link up a poem from a prompt you have missed or link up anything you want. The bar will open at 3 PM EST and be open for 48 hours which will meet the requirement of those who have more time during weekends.

And yes, we will have some breaks too, but we will come back and inform you about those.

So now I have done a lot of talking… Hope you are as eager as we are ….

Welcome poets to dVerse2.0