Sometimes (esp. when a bit tired) I like easy and limpid poetry – the kind that you can grip with one quick look – like the clear water in a pond where you can easily see the ground. Nothing hidden – nothing that can be read the one or other way – nothing that needs a code to decipher.


my real love is poetry that is multi-layered, poetry that can be read this and that way – poetry that when you scratch the surface you find another layer – and another – and there’s so much hidden that you get excited and curious – and a bit breathless – and a bit confused sometimes.

Poetry that you can look at again and again – that you can read again and again – and no read is exactly like the other.

Poetry like this develops – you start – like when you start a painting with one color – let it dry – look at it – what can be added to make it more interesting – you may add the one or other line – the one or other contrasting color – maybe even some material that doesn’t seem to fit or meet the expectations.

BUT – that can easy develop into chaos you say.

And you’re right.

And because of this you do not add thoughtlessly or quickly but look at your poem – feel the mood – and ponder: what does it need to shine – to grab people – to make it interesting?
Maybe even: what would irritate people a bit?

Maybe you think: i like the text but it feels a bit cool – so you add some warmth by exchanging the one or other verb – by including the one or other metaphor or image.

Or you think: it is nice but too even and you want people to linger at some parts in the text – you could play with the font or some unusual words or whatever comes to your mind.

I often do this with poetry like I do when I paint. I nearly never paint or write something and it stays how it is in the first go. I insert some pics of a painting and how it developed step by step – with each layer something new appears, something stays – something changes – something disappears visually – but everything will leave traces and gives the poem a depth that only happens when something grows – when there are layers…


So do you wanna give it a try?

Looking forward to what you come up with…