Welcome to Poetics. I have a very unique theme in mind this time. This comes with a story as well – an idea that I grew up with in form of stories, poetry, geography, science and what not. This is about monsoon.


As far as I can remember, the very first writing assignment in school began with seasons. In my part of India, I was taught about six seasons – summer, monsoon, autumn, late autumn, winter and spring, even though I could not distinguish autumn or late autumn much. To me both of them and spring were almost same in way that they were close to winter but not that hot as summer. In a close to tropical climate, expecting something more than this was probably not fair either. However, among all the seasons I used to wait, it is the monsoon – there was something special about it. When northern part of India gets hot during summer, it causes the wind from Arabian sea to flow north east and then it rebounds on the Himalayas and it showers heavily on the valley. We were taught how the presence of the mountains to the north is saving us by giving us rain – or else the monsoon wind will flow to Russia and not rain anywhere. Rain of course calms down the plains and plateau; but that is not why the rainy season is a very special – all this story of summer getting hot, when will the monsoon wind arrive is a matter of discussion every year. I remember those days when rain will hit after a terrible summer, sweep away the dust and it is so pleasant to wait next to the window and watch the rain.

The stories I have read about the rainy season are inherently romantic – but when I think about it, I find a lot of mysteries too. This is the time of the year when monsoon hits the city. So I imagine if one had to hide something, I could walk in the heavy rain like the man walking at night in his raincoat, oblivious to falling downpour.   Mysteries, romance, the sound of rain, the cloudy sky- all of it blended together tells a tale and it is up to me – how I can weave a story. Now, if you are new to Dversepoets, this is what you got to do.
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