dverselogoHello dVerse.

It’s been a while.

My name is Brian Miller, and I will be your host today. I have been on a sabbatical of a sort from the online world the last 5 months. Re-finding myself. Re-defining my self. Figuring out why I do the things I do.

We often ask “why” but it is usually in relation to why something is happening to us. I don’t think we ask why we do what we do, believe what we believe, why we hope — often enough. We fall into patterns and just do, and do, and do – until something shakes us from that pattern.

5 months ago, I really started to question why I do most everything. I was quite frustrated and it began to effect my writing and interactions ~ so I slipped away.

I had to figure out my “why” again.

During that time, Anthony posted something on his Tumblr that summed up my feelings:

“I’ve always been the type of person who gives my all to people; and many times in my life, others have taken advantage of that. I used to get upset, yet, didn’t have the balls to remove the person from my life. There came a point where I had to choose: either continue being a doormat or let their ungratefulness be a lesson… Well, I’m still that guy who gives my all, but now, I realize not everyone deserves it.” ~Anthony Desmond’s tumblr

During my time away, I also took a philosophy class at the local university as part of finishing my Masters. The instructor was a great guy – but he kept drilling into our heads that philosophy is not about how you do things, but the why. “What is your future hope for yourself or others?” “What is your reason?”

I kept hearing the Edie Brickell song referenced int he title of this prompt.

It was really quite the fascinating journey.

Philosophies are very personal things – because they define you, but are defined by you. I don’t imagine we will all have the same philosophy on everything, so it can be challenging. I think it only appropriate as we celebrate 4 years, that we think on why we do what we do.

So today, I want you to write about philosophy. It could be the overarching philosophy of your life, or it could be the philosophy of a particular thing – like say, your philosophy on giving to the poor, your philosophy on finances, your philosophy on hair care products, your philosophy on education…

Matter of fact I want the title of your poem to start with:

The philosophy of ______
My philosophy of ______
A philosophy of ______

You get to fill in the blank. This is a qualifier, so do follow the rule please.

If you are new, here is how this works:

  • Write a poem about your philosophy, make sure your title meets the requirement, and post it to your webpage or blog.
  • Click on Mr. Linky below and enter your name and URL (web address to your poem)
  • Visit others that have linked in – This is a community, it requires communication and interaction for that to happen.
  • Enjoy.

A special note of thanks for those that have carried on dVerse since I left – through either tending the pub or by fostering that community by reading others. It will always hold a special place in my heart, as do you. ~ Brian