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Hello friends,

Now when most of us is back from summer we have thought of changes, we all need to find creative outlets for our writing, and partly I addressed this in our discussion on prose and poetry 2 weeks ago. To find creative outlets in writing prose and poetry is a wonderful combination.

I think all of you have came across the haibun, originating from Japan it combines prose with short poems (usually haiku) to create an effect that often is pure magic.

What we had thought was to make one Monday per month, a Haibun Monday. We will add a link, and give you some guidelines and inspiration. To make it less rushy than the normal Poetry prompt we will keep the link open a whole week for both commenting and linking up. There will be a word-limit which we will come back to.

We also hope of course that this will attract some new poets and writers who might think the other prompts are too poetic.

The first haibun month opportunity will be on September 7, and will be done by a guest blogger.

As this is a pre-announcement I would like to listen to your viewpoints on this new feature.