pssshhhh - this is me in Strasbourg, tasting the soul of France

pssshhhh – this is me in Strasbourg, tasting the soul of France… smiles

Last week I was in Strasbourg with my husband – and on a boat trip we heard about
“La Marseillaise” – the french national anthem

And I thought that in each anthem there’s so much of what a nation believes, of what they are and so many traces of history as well

Maybe the statements are still valid and palpable – maybe they’re dusty and have lost their meaning – maybe you’re not even sure about the words of your own national anthem anymore

So I thought we could write “National anthem poetry” for Poetics this week

It would be cool to get a glimpse into all the different countries by learning about snippets of your anthems

It could go like this:

  • Look at your national anthem&
    Weave some of the text into a poem
  • Weave some of the meaning or your interpretation of the text into your poem
  • Weave some of what you love and/or hate about the text of your anthem into your verse
  • Tell a story by leaning on the pillar statements of your national anthem
  • Give us a glimpse into your country’s history or even into the development of the national anthem
  • …. open for anything else as well as long as it has to do with your national anthem

Looking forward to see what you’re coming up with