In many areas of the word we can get information of the art left as rock-carvings or petroglyphs. Sweden is rich with remains in some areas, and the designs have found their way into design and art.

They depict important matters like war and ships, but also animals such as elk and fish. When they were carved our landscape looked very different. Sweden is a country very much impacted by glacial erosion and impact of the last ice-age. As a matter of fact Sweden is still rising with as much as 9 mm per year. It is easy to see that the smooth rocks where the pictures had been carved where once very close to the sea.

In many cases they have been preserved by being covered by soil, and alas when we now uncover them some are threatened by erosion. I give you a few of these rock carvings I have photographed myself. either at Nämforsen or at Tanumshede, two of the most well known sites.

I would like for you to select from the pictures, and try to find a story from one or several. You could place yourself into the the image, you might want to imagine something that it depict or you might try to see it from the perspective of the carver. I would like you to view the prompt as wide-open.

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