Believe it or not, I’m really bad when it comes to dealing with emotions

Something happens

and I try at all costs to deal with it in a neutral, non-emotional, matter-of-fact way

I try to stay calm
I gather facts
I try to sort my thoughts

And even if I seem cool on the outside– inside of me everything is upside down

One of my fav ways to channel my emotions (or make them visible) is poetry

So for today, I just want you to make your emotions visible in a poem- maybe in the wake of what happened in Paris or about something else that is bothering you or makes you happy or sad – whatever–

Use your poem as a vehicle, an outlet, a mirror for your emotions

Use metaphors to clothe your emotions if that helps
How does it feel? Find an image
Don’t generalize – better use one single very concrete image than ten unspecific ones
Avoid stereotypes
Use a form if that helps
Be honest
Write about YOUR emotions – not someone else’s – not your neighbor’s, not the world’s, not your nation’s – just yours

Happy Thanksgving to those who are celebrating this week

See you out on the trail