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Hi everyone!  Welcome to OpenLinkNight !   This is your opportunity to link 1 poem of your choice as this is no prompt-day.     If you missed any of lovely prompts last week, Choose a Line or  Bout Rimes Revisited, or Tuesday’s  Poetics:   Can you give me a hand, this is your opportunity to share them.      

Spring is around the corner in my part of the world.    Here’s one poem I would like to share with you:


I never knew the earth had so much gold—
The fields run over with it, and this hill
Hoary and old,
Is young with buoyant blooms that flame and thrill.

Such golden fires, such yellow—lo, how good
This spendthrift world, and what a lavish God!
This fringe of wood,
Blazing with buttercup and goldenrod.

You too, beloved, are changed. Again I see
Your face grow mystical, as on that night
You turned to me,
And all the trembling world—and you—were white.

Aye, you are touched; your singing lips grow dumb;
The fields absorb you, color you entire . . .
And you become
A goddess standing in a world of fire!

If you are new to the pub, here’s how it works:

• Write your 1 poem

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• Have fun!

See you on the poetry trail ~  Grace