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Hello world of poetry!   Today marks World Poetry Day by UNESCO, whereby we recognize the unique ability of poetry to capture the creative spirit of the human mind.   Here at D’verse, we invite the unique voices of poets around the world to participate in our weekly prompts. Join us as we celebrate this special day by kicking off our 44-word challenge for the week. 

Campbell House (1822),Toronto City

My office building is behind this heritage house.

After grinning the last time, we now spring into the season with the word:  MELT.

verb (used without object):
1. to become liquefied by warmth or heat, as ice, snow, butter, or metal.
2. to become liquid; dissolve
3. to pass, dwindle, or fade gradually (often followed by away):
4. to pass, change, or blend gradually (often followed by into):
Night melted into day.
5. to become softened in feeling by pity, sympathy, love, or the like:
The tyrant’s heart would not melt.

verb (used with object):
7. to reduce to a liquid state by warmth or heat; fuse:
Fire melts ice.
8. to cause to pass away or fade.
9. to cause to pass, change, or blend gradually.
10.to soften in feeling, as a person or the heart.

11. the act or process of melting; state of being melted.
12. something that is melted.
13. a quantity melted at one time.
14. a sandwich or other dish topped with melted cheese:
a tuna melt.

To participate you do the following, write a poem using exactly 44 words excluding the title (not less, not more). Make sure to include the word melt in your poem. You are welcome to post more than 1 poem as the more, the merrier!

Link up to the Mr Linky below, and make sure to visit the other poets linking up. Remember that the challenge is open for the whole week, so come back and check out the later links.

We love to have fun with these prompts. See you on the poetry trail!