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Photo: Victoria Slotto

Greetings, my poet friends. This is Victoria, thrilled to be hosting a Quadrille for the first time. Put on your dancing shoes!

As I write this, a bit ahead of time, March is making its presence known in a final fling of unruly weather. At home in Reno, I understand that snow made its way over the Sierra, putting an abrupt end to the early spring. Here in the desert, wind howled outside. Palm fronds cover the grass, birds fly in place and we take down the hummingbird and bird feeders that are risk of becoming UFO’s. But out on the water, beauty now surprises as the wind calms into a breeze and the sun sets gently, shimmering on the rippling surface of the pond.

And, voilà, the scene offers me the word I ask you to use in today’s quadrille: shimmerto shine with a soft tremulous or fitful light. Choose it as a noun, verb, adjective—any form of speech that works for you. Remember—the word must be included in your poem that will be exactly 44 words—no more, no less.

So settle in with a notebook and pencil, or however you create, and join us:

 Write your piece in 44 words exactly, including the given word in any of its usages.
 Put it on your blog and link back to dVerse by accessing Mr. Linky at the bottom or this post. The link will be open for a week.
 Visit other poets and comment on their work.
 Above all, enjoy the process.

Remember, the link will be open all week!