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Trains are weight of steel, trains are might of Iron-ore trains. It could be trains of thought.

As most boys I had a model railway and since I have always loved them. Last week we went by train up north. It’s an overnight trip and we went in style in a sleeping car. It has not always been like that of course, The summer I was out of military service I went for a month on Interrail, which meant a ticket to go anywhere in Europe. I still remember the sense of freedom and anticipation going down to the train-station in a European town, and deciding where to go next. I remember trying to find a place to sleep in a town with many other young people in the same situation. I remember making friends with strangers for 24 hours or less, never to meet again.

Trains can also be waiting for delayed commuter-trains, it can be the drunkard trying to strike up a conversation. It could be what you see outside your window.

Trains are meetings and partings Like Rick leaving Paris alone in Casablanca.

Or like this poem by Thomas Hardy:

Departure Platform

by Thomas Hardy

We kissed at the barrier ; and passing through
She left me, and moment by moment got
Smaller and smaller, until to my view
                She was but a spot ;

A wee white spot of muslin fluff
That down the diminishing platform bore
Through hustling crowds of gentle and rough
                To the carriage door.

Under the lamplight’s fitful glowers,
Behind dark groups from far and near,
Whose interests were apart from ours,
                She would disappear,

Then show again, till I ceased to see
That flexible form, that nebulous white ;
And she who was more than my life to me
                Had vanished quite.

We have penned new plans since that fair fond day,
And in season she will appear again—
Perhaps in the same soft white array—
                But never as then !

—‘And why, young man, must eternally fly
A joy you’ll repeat, if you love her well ?’
—O friend, nought happens twice thus ; why,
                I cannot tell !

Vittorio Corona

Vittorio Corona

Trains can be smoky steam engines, It can be the speed in a futuristic train painting, but trains consume less energy than planes or cars and could save the earth from climate change. Trains is so much so I hope you can find inspiration to write a train poem.

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