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Today at Haibun monday I have the pleasure to introduce a fellow blogger who is the most amazing photographer. Her name is Susan (Sue) Judd and she is also a poet from time to time. She blogs from her http://suejudd.com

This is what she says herself about her photography:

There were always cameras in the house when I grew up, used mostly to record events and milestones in life. I mostly took photographs on holiday, then as a student dabbled in black and white and spent some time developing and printing.I have never had any formal photographic training, but I am told I have a good eye for composition, for capturing a moment…but until recently this has been quite a static moment. I did a brief online course on ‘Finding your Photographic voice’ and this got me determined to think more about how to achieve the image I wanted by thinking more about use of camera settings, experimenting with motion blur, depth of field to isolate subject etc….all things I should have been doing years ago!

Travel, ruins and beauty in decay press my buttons….

Beauty in decay… or darkness. That’s something that press my buttons too, and I often try to capture it in words. We have three pictures for you to chose from that are all related to flowers. Please select
one of them and use them for your writing. You can write about the picture or use it as a metaphor. Write a compact haibun with one haiku or senryu (or maybe an American Sentence). Remember to let image, prose and poem contrast each other expanding the experience in reading. Please refer back to
Sue’s site, and don’t hesitate to go over to her site and comment on her photography.




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