Hello everyone – hope you are doing good. It’s becoming a very hot and humid summer for me and it feels like that the sun hasn’t been so scorching before. Every year I see the climatic changes and imagine how we were taught about seasons at school and how radically it will change, if I start writing about them again.

I have been off and on from Dverse for some time now but I have something in mind that will need the participants to think and connect to other participants. We have been sharing poetry for a long time and even though there are new participants every time, I feel that as poets we connect to fellow writers in some form or the other. We recognize their writing style, choice of theme and subjects and we interact with them over a number of prompts, exchanging our reactions.

So for this week’s poetics – I want you to write about a poet you know – about their writing style, about their uniqueness and how you as a reader connect to their words. You can pick a poem of the poet of your choice and write a response to the same as well. I encourage you to choose a poet from the Dverse community – however, if you want to select a poet of your choice or one or two line from the original piece that’s all right. The only rule is do not mention the poet.

Now, if you are new to Dverse – you can write about someone else you know as well. I am sure this will be a fun writing for everyone. Have fun writing.

If you are new to the pub, this is how it works:

• Write your poem
• Post it on your blog or website
• Leave a comment below to say hello
• Click on Mr. Linky at the bottom of this post and enter your name and the direct URL of your post
• Visit other poets’ work and let them know what you thought
• Spread the word on social media with the #dVersePoets hashtag