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Skip to my Lou

Welcome!  Happy May!  Today is Quadrille Monday. Toni here to give you the word for our poem – “skip”.  Skip is an interesting verb.  It has several variants:  skips, skipped, skipping, skipper (which can be the person who is the captain of a boat or leader).

Definitions of skip include: 
– bounce lightly over a surface (skim)
– to leap or jump lightly over (skip rope)
– promoted beyond the next grade or level
– to leave hastily (The fugitive skipped town.)
– fail to attend (Let’s skip the meeting.)
– to misfire ( The engine spark plug misfired.)
– move along lightly, stepping from one foot to the other with a light bounce.

Have you ever skipped a stone over the surface of a pond? Had your heart skip a beat when your car engine misfires and you are afraid of car trouble? Been the skipper of your boat or, the leader of your group while imagining your group as being at sea on an adventure? Wish you could skip winter and go straight to spring?

“Skip” is a fun word and I hope we will get a lot of different takes on this word. So, here are the rules for our Quadrille:

– not including the title, a poem of exactly 44 words, no more, no less
– use the prompt word or its variant. The word must be in the poem; not a description of or metaphor for.
– skip, skips, skipped, skipping, skipper – one or more must appear in the body of the poem.

Be sure you don’t skip reading and commenting on your fellow poets work.

– Write your poem and post it on your blog or website
– Copy the Url of your poem (the poem, not your entire blog or website) and post it on Mr. Linky at the bottom of this post
-Take the time to visit and comment other members of our wonderful poetry community
– The prompt is up for several days so be sure to check back later for poets who link later.
– Have fun!

About Toni (kanzensakura, hayesspencer) Loves reading and writing poetry. Japanese poetic forms: haiku, tanka, haibun) long time loves.