On behalf of the D’verse Team, I am pleased to welcome Lillian as our new pub host.   Lillian, along with Mish, are great additions to our wonderful community.  Here is Lillian’s wonderful prompt:

Hello everyone! I’m delighted and honored to move from guest host to member of the team at dVerse. So, tending the bar today, let’s serve up some Poetics!

I recently saw a wonderful exhibit at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts: Mega Cities Asia. It features 11 artists who created urban sculptures to reflect the political, environmental, and social conditions of their home cities which include Beijing, Shanghai, Delhi, Mumbai, and Seoul. Each sculpture was unique and mesmerizing. I was especially intrigued with Hu Xiangcheng’s Doors Away from Home-Doors Back Home. A walk-through sculpture it was built from doors, windows, and artifacts scavenged from dismantled housing in Shangai. The artist indicates the materials are stripped from their context…disconnected from the human lives they once enclosed and embraced. Thought provoking!

So I started thinking about doors – and how many of my photographs from travels have included doors of one kind or another. Definitions of door include a hinged, sliding or revolving barrier at the entrance to a building or room; the distance from one building in a row to another as in they lived three doors apart.  Think about the kinds of doors or the way we can use the word: door-to-door salesmen, open door policy, double doors, French doors, storm doors, trap doors, portals, openings, an entrance, an exit, doorway to the soul, a door prize, a hatchway.

So – for today’s Poetics, let’s write a poem that reflects the idea of doors – and includes the word in some form, or a synonym for the word. Below are some of my door pictures. Choose one of them (please provide credit) or include a photo of your choice of some type of door that relates to your poem. Have fun with it!

If you are new to d’Verse, here’s how it works…

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  • Have fun!

About Lillian:

Lillian Hallberg grew up, married and raised her children in the Midwest. She moved to Boston in 1997. Emeritus dean of MBA programs, she began writing poetry in February 2015 and happened upon dVerse in December that year. She’s enjoyed the camaraderie of folks at the bar and has learned much from the prompts and feedback. A proud mom of two and grandmother to five, she’s been married to the love of her life, George, since 1970. Lillian can be found most early mornings with pen and journal in hand, and a steaming cup of coffee nearby. She is published in Provincetown Magazine, North End Waterfront, and Poetry Breakfast, but mainly takes delight in being what she calls a home poet. Never one to say “retirement,” she enjoys rejuvenatement immensely! Her poetry and flash fiction can be found at http://lillianthehomepoet.com