Hello dear poets, tonight we have no prompt, but I will be here and tidy up a bit. In the mean time we have a little happy hour, and it would be nice with some chats.

But first of all a few announcements: We remain closed until July 18, and it’s a good time to recharge a bit. Personally I will catch up a bit on reading books a bit. I will probably write a bit too, but not too much. After all the weather is most welcoming this time of year.

When we return though, it’s time to celebrate, imagine that dVerse is celebrating 5 years since it opened, and this year we have prepared something special. Be prepared for 5 days of prompts, and for 5 days looking back. Hope you feel ready for a full week of poetry and remembrance.

I thought that we should play a little game tonight as there is no prompt. Playing with tweetsize poem (maximum 140 characters). Add yours in a comment field either in response to my small poem below or just do your own.

I met the moon shopping
for skincare products
in our local drugstore
& wondered if her paleness
was from lotion or
a drunken binge