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5-4-3-2-1 !!!!   Happy 5th anniversary D’verse!  

We are rolling out the red carpet for you with 5 special interviews and poetry prompts from today until Friday.     It’s going to be a poetry feast, filled with nostalgia and fun as we celebrate 5 years of kinship in this unique community of poets.

For the first day of the week’s celebration, here is a short interview with our co-founder of D’verse, Brian Miller of WayStationOne.   He was featured here in November 2012 interview for those who are new to the pub.  Brian is currently in hiatus from writing.

What are you currently preoccupied with  (e.g. books currently reading, music, hobbies, etc.)?

It’s been a bit since I ducked into the pub – so thanks for inviting me back. It’s not that I want to be away, as much as it is that I need to be away. For many years, my life was out of balance with writing and the relationships that I developed online – and there were other priorities in my life that needed tending.

Any memorable events or milestones that you would like to share with us?

In May 2016, I graduated with my Master’s degree in teaching. I am still teaching at the high school, investing time in the next generation. It was a better year this year, from the stand point of we only had 2 student deaths. That is the lowest amount in the four years I have been teaching. I am seeing more and more of the delinquents that I work with that are turning their lives around.

At the beginning of June, I left for Nepal. Chances are as you are reading this, I am just getting back. I have been teaching at a seminary in the mornings – with a group of 8 pastors, preparing them to start churches in Nepal. In the afternoons, I have been working in the local elementary school with K-2nd graders. 

Students that want to go beyond 2nd grade have to hike many hours to and from school, so most do not even go, but work to feed their families or on the home front. I took several computers to they can set up a lab where they can do modules (locally) and have the opportunity to learn.

Earlier this year, I worked with a heroin addict – he was just a teen, so struggling in life. We walked together for a while, got him reconnected with his family. Unfortunately he was not completely ready to give it up — and fell apart. I dont know where he is now, but I think of him often. Perhaps he is me, one decision different you know. It’s why I do what I do.

There are so many reasons not to – like, the lack of toilet paper in Nepal (your left hand is your “dirty” hand), that the toilet is a hole in the ground, that there is no air, and the power is often out (if you have power) – so no fan either, its hot, you eat with your fingers (only use your right hand), you have to walk 5.7 miles one way, just to get to the school from where you are staying, you have to boil water and then run it through a filter, you might die of a lot of diseases that you can not even spell — or — the heroin addict might break your heart, call you in the middle of the night, steal money, curse at you, spit on you and argue about the stupidest things —

but one thing I know — WHEN YOU GET OVER YOURSELF, you can really see and love people.

And that goes for writing too.

I do still write on occassion. Mostly ramblings in my notebook, and I have sent a few to Claudia on rare occassions. Sorry C. There is so much inspiration around, I should catch more of it. I am just trying to live life as it comes now, and capture the moments in new ways.

To a new poet or writer, what lessons or insights would you like to share?

If you are new to writing, capture what you know, what you see – it will write the poetry for you. And dont get so consumed by entertaining and audience that you lose who you are. Write out of the overflow of your life. And when it becomes a chore, walk away. It will be there when you return. And if it is not, it was not meant to be.

As to what projects I have coming up, I have to put a new sewer line in at the house – and I am considering where I will be sent next — i think I owe my family a few games of nerf guns. So that is where I will be for the next little bit. If you happen to stop in, we will let you borrow one.

All the pictures featured here are by Brian Miller in Nepal.   Thank you Brian for allowing us to catch up with you in your new journey.

Are you ready to celebrate with us ?   Here’s a short poetry prompt – in Quadrille stye, in 44 words exactly, write a poem or prose, with the word JOURNEY.

This word can mean many things – a period of travel, passage or progress from one stage to another.   This can be an exciting time if one is going to a new country or city or a sad one if its the final journey from life.   This brings me to share with you the sad news of one of our regular members, Viv or  Vivinfrance.   She sadly passed away on July 5, 2016.   Our heartfelt condolences to the family.

If you are joining in our celebration:    

See you at the poetry trail.  And come back tomorrow for another special interview and prompt 🙂