Hi!  Happy Haibun Monday to you all.  I hope you all have your heartsready to pen a romantic haibun.  I think we all have romance in common:  a first romance, unrequited, summer love, lost love, forever love…

You can write this easily.  Remember, a haibun is not a work of fiction, it is true.  So please share with us a romantic episode or time of your life.  We’ve seen Dirty Dancing, Casablanca, Titanic, When Harry Met Sally, Say Anything (can we ever forget John Cusack standing with that boom box up in the air blaring out, In Your Eyes?) The Notebook.  The list goes on and on.

Our romances are like a movie or the most mundane ordinary thing in the world.  I want you to please think and pull out your best romantic (or funniest or saddest) haibun ever.  Please give me one or two tight paragraphs with a true classic haiku at the end – nature based with a cutting or pivot in the second line.  The count will be 5-7-5 but some do write short-long-short.

To join in: • Edit/write your poem and post it on your blog.
• Copy and paste the URL of your post into Mr. Linky at the bottom of this page and add your name.
• Come into the bar, order up some fine poetry, and read the work of your fellow patrons. Please be sure to join in the spirit of dVerse with your comments, especially for those who have made the effort to read and comment on your work.

• Add a link to dVerse in your post and social media, inviting others to join us.

• Enjoy the creative process and one another.

Have fun!

About Kanzensakura (Toni, Hayesspencer) Working to constantly improve my craft. One day, I WILL write the perfect haiku – smiles.