Sometimes you feel that you want to do something different, and today I thought I wanted to do a prompt based on actuality. One thing that many of you woke up to is the Nobel prize in literature. I wanted to create a new tradition that we have a prompt based on this prize, and it will be one Thursday per year.

The prize committee has with this choice broadened themselves outside the normal part of literature, and I guess that only one sorry for the choice might be the bookstores.

When I suggested this we had no clue who would win. As you know most often it’s somebody totally unknown to us. That would have meant for you (and for me) a lot of research.

Today it was a lot easier, as the winner is no other than Bob Dylan, née Robert Allen Zimmerman. The normal mythology (which is wrong) is that he picked up the name Dylan from the great poet Dylan Thomas, but his lyrics are often pieces of poetry (just as his melodies). He is one of the most covered songwriter ever, and I can swear that even if you have never listened to him yourself, most likely you have listened to him covered by an other artist.

Today your challenge is easy. Write a poem based on Bob Dylan. It can be personal, it can be based on his lyrics (remember to give credit in that case) or it even can be why you think that he’s a lousy poet or singer, maybe you can tie it to politics… The choice is yours.

When you have written your poem(s) link up below, comment and read others, and don’t forget to listen to his music, perhaps covered by others. Today it’s time to take another cup of coffee before you write.