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The land created me. I’m wild and lonesome. Even as I travel the cities, I’m more at home in the vacant lots.

Bob Dylan

This week I thought we would take the haibun to a contemporary haibun. It will be making a few diversion compared to the traditional haibun.

Still I would like you to write it in first person, present tense. Make the prose sparse but this time bring in the cityscape, look for the bad part of town, the lightworms of commuting cars, skylines, the beat from faraway nightclubs. Maybe in the same way as you can hear the city’s pulse in Rhapsody in blue.

Today I will allow you to write fiction if you want to, but I would like you to keep with present tense and first person, also avoid too much of a narrative. Take us through the city, give us the scents of gasoline and garbage, make us see the homeless people. Please give us prose that flows, but refrain from making your language too “flowery” as it often distracts from the expression a good haibun can have.

I know that many of you will say this is not a haibun, and you are right saying so. On the other hand we all have a poetic license to write what our soul tells us to write.

Not a tourist image of Stockholm

Not a tourist image of Stockholm

I will not even require you to write haiku (though a traditional haiku can work too), but I would like your brief poems to have an element of season. Please keep your prose to less than 150 words, and make sure that the short poem adds a dimension to the writing, and if you choose to add an image try to let that complement with a third dimension. The strength both in contemporary haibun and traditional is in juxtaposition.

When you are ready, add your link below visit other poets, have fun. The prompt stays open for a week so remember to come back later throughout the week.