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Hello my fellow poets and friends! This is Mish for today’s poetic prompt.

During a weekend getaway with my two sons, we decided to visit the ruins of the Corran mansion, near Wiarton, Ontario. This was originally the residence of Alexander McNeill, a wealthy Canadian politician from 1892-1901.

McNeill’s young wife died before the completion of their stately home. Heartbroken, McNeill rallied the help of a good friend, Alfred Lewis to help him finish and manage the property. It became known for its three acres of roses, peonies and fruit trees. Visitors came from miles away and elaborate garden parties were held to entertain members of parliament. Unfortunately, McNeill faced the tragedy of loss once again as his good friend, Alfred was suddenly killed in a car accident. Overcome with sadness, Alexander McNeill passed away the following year.

After McNeill’s only son died, the Corran Estate was left to a dedicated housekeeper, but it became too much for her. The mansion passed through other hands but ultimately was lost to vandalism and a fire.  I took photos of the exterior walls, now roofless, crumbling and exposed. It was the interior that spoke to me. As the sun cast light and shadows where fancy oriental rugs once laid, I imagined a life of luxury in this era, all the highs and lows that took place within these walls, but mostly the emotions of those that once called it home.

So that is your history lesson for today!

What does it have to do with today’s Poetics?

Well, we have all heard the phrase, “If these walls could talk”. Today, I would like you to do just that by giving walls a voice through your poetry. Write a poem from the perspective of your home or someone else’s home. You may be more inspired by a hospital, school, concert hall, museum, a bus station, church, library or a medieval castle. What have these walls witnessed? It could be a mood, (cheery or dreary), an event or an on-going situation observed over the years. It can be fiction or non-fiction. Your walls may “see” better if you write from first person, but that is up to you. Just let the walls speak through your words.

Here’s how to join in:

  • Write a poem related to the prompt and post it to your site/blog.
  • Click on Mr. Linky to add your name and a direct link to your poem.
  • You will find links to other fabulous poets. Please read and comment on their work.
  • If you are promoting your work on social media, use the tag #dversepoets.

Have fun!