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I’ve been reflecting on the myriad of influences that give birth to poetry. Looking out my window, drinking in the beauty of autumn, relating the seasons to the mysteries of life and death, reading other poets, reflecting on our own life experiences, listening to music, visiting art museums, studying history, mythology—so many sources from which we can drink inspiration. Our world is rich in beauty and angst. Our lives are touched by joy and sorrow, by love and loss.

Photo: David Slotto

Photo: David Slotto

Welcome to Open Link Night—that wonderful opportunity to dip a ladle into a bucket of possibilities, to play with some words to describe any topic we want to address, using any form we choose.

This is Victoria, inviting you to join us today at the pub with your poem. Would you to share, in comments, one or two of your go-to favorite sources to stir up your creative muse. I think of my garden, nature, my experience working as a hospice nurse, poets like Mary Oliver and Jane Kenyon. Where do you go on a day like today when you are not confined to the limits of a prompt?

I’m drafting this early, on Friday, as tomorrow morning, I will take off to be with my mother. My visit was originally intended for her 96th birthday next Saturday, but now it is to be with her as she prepares for what lies beyond this life. She’s done this before but this time she has told us that she is tired and wants to die. I’m sharing this with you in case I don’t show up at the pub when it opens. Should that be the case, Grace will be here to tend the bar.

To participate:
• Write your 1 poem and post it on your blog or website.
• Access Mr. Linky at the bottom of the post and provide your name and the direct URL to your poem.
• Provide a Link to dVerse on your post and make it known on your social media sites.
• Take some time to visit and comment upon other poets who’ve taken part in this prompt. Enjoy each other. We’re a community!