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Photo: Public Domain

Photo: Public Domain

Make Music of Those Words—dVerse Meeting the Bar

My grandmother, with whom I spent some of my growing-up years, was a concert pianist and organist. I spent hours under the grand piano in the living room, listening to her play. The DNA of music got into my system and I feel it in my soul, even though my piano and organ lessons never led to any great accomplishments, beyond playing for the church choir many years ago.

But I find that music has helped me develop rhythmic intelligence so that, when I write, there is a subconscious attention to rhythm and pace of a poem. This influences not only rhythm, but also sound, line break and cadence. When you listen to classical music, for example, these factors contribute to your emotional response, don’t they?

For today, I’d like you to write a poem that incorporates elements of music. It may be on any topic, including music, but what will come through is a recognition of the influence of music. You may even want to put on your song-writer persona and use a familiar or original melody as a basis for your poem. To help with this, I’m offering a few musical directions, notations and genres to inspire your writing.

audace: bold
staccato: disconnected
calando: dying away
allegro or vivace: fast, lively
dolce: gently, sweetly
forte: loud
amoroso: lovingly
andante: moderately
doloroso: sadly
adagio: slowly
diminuendo: softening
forte: strongly

Rock ‘n Roll
New Age
Sacred Music
Country Western

There are so many more; I could go on and on. Try googling music notation and/or genres. It may help to listen to a composition and get a feel of its characteristics, emotional content and genre before you write your poem.

If you are new to the pub, welcome! Here’s how to join in:
• Write you poem and post it on your blog or website.
• Copy and paste the URL into Mr. Linky at the bottom of this post.
• Link your poem to your social media sites, inviting others to join in.
• Return to the pub and visit/comment on your fellow poets.
• Have a rocking good time!

For dVerse, this is Victoria, happy to be your hostess today. I look forward to serving you some word-nog and reading your poetry.