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Welcome to our first Poetics for 2017!

The New Year has a way of restoring our hopes and aspirations, nudging us to set new goals, follow new dreams and create “new beginnings”. With this in mind, I decided to visually inspire you with the help of 8 wonderful artists. Although the titles of their work may be very similar, each piece is an example of their very unique styles. ALL artists were contacted via email and have kindly given permission for us to use these specific images for our prompt today. I hope you are as excited about that as I am!

Choose the piece that speaks to you and let the words flow. You may be moved by more than one.

**If you are including one of the images with your poem, PLEASE REMEMBER to credit the artist with their name and a direct link to their work as I have given this information for each piece. **


"New Beginnings" by Ally SaundersAlly Saunders – “New Beginnings”

“My paintings and my processing comes from my core, feels like soul work, my passion for understanding Family Patterns, all our humanness, relationships and most importantly myself.” ~Ally Saunders~




Sylvia Chan – “New Beginning”

“Sylvia is an Ontario Certified Teacher who creates opportunities for people to get in touch with their inner ‘artist’ and inspires youth to make a difference in the community by use of their creativity and imagination.” ~About Sylvia Chan Art~






Jinnie Nieviadomy – “New Beginnings”

“Jinny Nieviadomy is trained as an arts educator and self-taught as an artist. After moving from small town southern Saskatchewan and teaching junior high art she now follows a dream lead by the artist and entrepreneur within.” ~Bio- Jinny Nieviadomy~



Michaela Sagatova – “New Beginnings At The Ends Of The Earth”

“Inspiration comes from the world around me, my relationships, experiences, nature, the universe.” ~ Michaela Sagatova~





Jennifer Vranes – “New Beginnings”

“Jennifer Vranes is best know for her large and vibrant paintings of Aspen Forests and European Landscapes. Her trademarked technique of using a pallete knife to ‘sculpt’ in thick textures has become a favorite among collectors and Art Galleries world-wide.” ~ About the Artist-Jennifer Vranes~


new-beginning-shay-davisA New Beginning – Shay Davis

“Shay has recently received recognition for his work including being nominated for 2011 SD Art Prize New Contemporaries and being one of 8 artists selected as a “Heartist” for San Francisco General Hospital’s 2013 fundraiser, “Hearts and Heroes. His original works grace the homes of such people as actress Halle Berry and Jayne Seymour, athletes such as Tony Hawk, Bill Garnett, and Koy Detmer, and music legend Gregg Allman.”



Solange Brown – New Beginnings

“Expressing the emotion I feel when painting the beauty and sensitivity of nature and the human figure through the mystery of imagination brings me great joy in my artistic life.” ~ Solange Brown – About ~




Jim and Lynn Lemyre – New Beginning

“We invite the viewer to engage with the imagery to discover their own interpretation and to share it with us.  It is art as dialogue rather than monologue, a fabric of conversation, in which we invite the viewer to participate. ”              lemyreart.com


This is Michelle (“Mish”) for this week’s Poetics. I will be in a little later. Welcome everyone! A big THANK YOU to all of the artists, some of whom may drop in to say hello. 

Here’s how to join in with us:

  • Write a poem inspired by the artwork above and post it to your blog or website.
  • Enter your name and a direct link to your poem by clicking Mr Linky.
  • Leave a comment below or join in the discussion.
  • Read and comment on other poet’s work. We all go here to have our poems read.
  • Please link back to dVerse from your site/blog.
  • Have fun!