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Lillian here. Getting ready for our one month in Bermuda – we leave January 28th and will be in St. George’s, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, until February 28th. We will have internet in our rented apartment so I’ll be posting and reading from the land of aquamarine waters and home to some of the friendliest people in the world.

For today, I’m in the midst of Boston’s winter and looking for a little fun with words. So, here’s our prompt for today’s Poetics. Verbification, or verbing, is the creation of a verb from a noun, adjective, or other word. Think of the proper name, Google. It’s the name of a company and yet has become a verb as in, “I’ll google that.” Sometimes, as in this example, repetitive use actually turns a noun into a commonplace, albeit new for a while, verb.

BUT – what I’d like you to do today is to write a poem that includes your own unique verbification. Throwing out an example:  Ganache Me – what a delectable title that would be for a poem. Imagine the possibilities 🙂  I recently wrote a poem for the dVerse repetition prompt that included the phrase, crimson me. So anything is possible! Use your imaginations on this one and have fun with it.

I look forward to verbifying with you today!

And for your pleasure, for you armchair travelers, here are two photos of the beautiful Bermuda waters we shall return to in a week:

As always, please do observe the “rules of conduct” for dVerse – and for those of you new to dVerse, here’s what we hope everyone does:

  • Write a poem that includes verbification, as the prompt suggests, and post it to your blog.
  • Click on Mr. Linky below to add your name and enter the direct URL to your poem
  • On your blog, please provide a link back to dVerse: perhaps a statement at the end of the poem indicating this prompt and linking to dVerse. Others us dVerse as a tag as well. This enables more folks to view our prompts, and thus increases the readers of your poems too.
  • If you promote your poem on social media, use the tag #dverse poets
  • And most importantly, please do stop by to read responses to the prompt and add a short comment or reaction. Everyone likes to be appreciated! The prompt is “live” for several days – as you’ll notice by the comments you’ll receive – so do stop by several times, and read some of the latecomers too!