Hello everyone! This is Toni coming to you live on the First.Day.of.Spring. They say in the spring a young’s man’s fancy turns to love. That may be true but on the first day of spring, I say everyone’s fancy turns to sun, warm weather and…picnics. I understand in many places of the world (including down South here), the weather is still cool and even, downright cold.

So my prompt to you all today is to write, not about the best picnic you ever went on but The Best Meal You Ever Ate. Plain and simple. What is the best meal you ever ate or what is one out of the top five best meals you ever ate? I would like a one – 3 paragraph haibun with a seasonal (season word included) in the haiku to end it and bring it all together. I don’t want politics included in the meal. I’d rather we keep this politic free. So please, no politics or jibes at anyone in office.

So, what is the number three in the top five amazing meals you have eaten? What is number one? I can truthfully that Meal Number 3 in my repertoire is one I had in 1979. I was working at one of those warehouse stores. You may remember them – stores that sold jewelry, stereo/music equipment, electronics/cameras…all of them at cut rate prices.

I was working in the camera department of one of those stores. Racially and gender-wise, we were half and half and we all got along just fine – having fun while working. One night, one of the women asked if I wanted to go to her place for supper. Her husband was out of town and she said I looked lonely. I was. So I went. She apologized for asking me to such an impromptu meal and warned me she didn’t have much on hand. From the fridge she brought out chicken salad in one of those small plastic tubs, a jar of dill pickles, cherry koolaid, and hamburger buns. A bag of chips and a few broken, left in the bottom of the bag chocolate chip cookies. Doesn’t sound like much, does it? We sat and talked and ate what she had on hand and we had a great evening. After all these years, it stands out as one of my Top Five meals because of the friendship extended and the laughs and tears we shared that night. And guess what? Cynthia and are still friends.

So write about an outstanding meal you have had. Alone, with friends, with a single friend, with family…Describe the food, the converstation, the place, the circumstances. Feed us with your writing and make that seasonal haiku the dessert.

Being that this is Haibun Monday, please write a haibun based on the prompt, ending with a seasonal haiku.   Don’t forget to visit and comment on others poetry, especially to those who have visited you.

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