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{Postcards from the (L)Edge.}

Greetings, my poetic friends! De here (aka WhimsyGizmo).

Are you tired yet? Going crazy? Isn’t April the wildest poetry month? Many of us are rocking at least one poem a day, all month long. So for today’s poetics, I’m going to keep it short, simple, and hopefully inspiring.

Screenshot 2017-04-17 07.21.44(visual credit: pinterest)


Today, write us a postcard poem.

This can be as simple as penning a poem that is short enough to fit on a postcard (or cocktail napkin, or Post-it note). Think micropoetry. Or you have the option to add the challenge of writing a poem that is to, or from, someone, as if it were a note on an actual postcard. You can also choose a postcard image (one you own, or one you find online – just be sure to give credit where due), and use it as a visual prompt.

Your poem can be serious, funny, fun, tongue-in-cheek, gleeful or melancholy. Just be sure it’ll fit on a postcard (think 12 lines or less). Take us somewhere fabulous. Make every word count.

Here are a couple of examples I have written:

 Screenshot 2017-04-17 07.29.40

Postcard from Upstairs

It’s colder now, and quiet.
I know I said I couldn’t take it anymore
but my toes miss yours
and I found my earplugs.

Come back to bed
and all will be forgiven.

You’ll find many more examples over at Postcard Poems and Prose.
(You might also want to consider submitting something over there. It’s free! Please note: they do not accept poems posted anywhere else previously, including your own blog, so don’t send them something you share with us.)

Ready to take a tiny poetical journey?
Post your postcard poem to your own blog, and share your link with us via Mr. Linky below. Then take a journey around the pub and visit lots of amazing, busy poets. I’m pouring exotic drinks from all over the world, so pull up a stool and stay awhile. Since these are short and sweet, I welcome multiple submissions. Happy poeming!