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The kitchen by Carl Larssson

I hope you love to spend your time in the kitchen just like me.

Today I would like you to consider cooking in your haibun and give us a recipe in your prose. But it should not be the kind you find in a cookbook, but in terms of a story. Share with us the place and moment. Did you eat alone, or with a special friend? How was the setting, by candlelight or by fluorescent light? Maybe a picnic by the beach or a lonesome microwave dinner?

But… please remember that you have to share the recipe. Share some scents and texture, share some secrets for a hungry man, and maybe we can use the prompt as a dVerse cookbook, and if you have it please share a photo of the food.

As usual we want the haibun to be short, a paragraph and a single haiku.

I would also like you to focus on the use of a real kigo (season-word) to set the season today.

Please sate me, I’m a hungry man.

When you are ready with your haibun link it up at Mr Linky below. Read and learn and widen your cooking knowledge, and let the poets know that you’ve been there and what you felt.