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Welcome to Poetics! This is Michelle (Mish), your host for today.

We know the importance of using the five senses in our poetry and how it enriches the imagery for the reader. A scene of nature, for example becomes more alive with the scents of wildflowers wafting in the wind or the high pitched trill of a songbird. We use the senses regularly to describe a physical setting, person or concrete object. Presenting something abstract becomes a little more challenging.

What does blue taste like?

What is the texture of anger?

Describe the scent of contentment.

What are the sounds of perfection?

What does hope look like?


I know that you can come up with many more of these and so I leave you to it! Choose something abstract such as a colour, emotion, idea, concept, a quality, trait or situation…and bring it to life using one or more senses. You could also choose something more concrete, as long as you are use senses that are not normally associated with it. For example, “moonlight”. How does it sound? I think you get the idea. Find new ways to dabble with the poetic magic of the senses.

Photo: Michelle Beauchamp   “Peace of mind” – the way it looks to me

Whether you are new to dverse or not, here are the rules

    • Write a poem about something abstract using one or more senses.
    • Click on Mr.Linky. Enter your name and direct link to your poem.
    • Leave a comment and join in the discussion. We’re friendly!
    • Read and comment on other poet’s work since we all go here to have our poems read.
    • Please link back to dVerse from your site.
    • Enjoy!