Greetings poets and friends, old and new, and welcome to Open Link Night. This is Gayle from Bodhirose’s Blog and I’m pleased to be your hostess today.

It’s almost summer here in the U.S.   High temperatures (90°F+) have already been felt and I’m afraid that from now until next winter we’re going to be HOT and HUMID here in southeast Florida.  All I can say is thank goodness for air conditioning!

The following is a poem I wrote some time ago reflecting the typical summer day here:

“Summer’s Day”  By Gayle Walters Rose; All Rights Reserved

Heat builds throughout the morn
becoming a sunlit breeze
weaving the willow branches  

Clouds connect
deepening their gray
blown out over the gulf  

Hours pass altering the day
shadows darken
beneath the mulberry tree  

Humidity dampens the afternoon
mockingbird sings the blues
accentuating the heat index  

Sticky stillness
begs for respite
from summer’s captivity  

Evening dawns
a contented sigh
it too born of the day

Photo:  Google Images; Mockingbird

But as you all know, there is no prompt today, no instructions to follow. You are free to share whatever inspired writings you may have penned, but only ONE.

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