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And we are back !!!

First, Happy 6th anniversary to dVerse Poets!!!! On behalf of Bjorn and the rest of the pub hosts, thank you for supporting our community. Our pub doors continue to evolve and thrive with new challenges every week. We love what we do, and this virtual pub has become family and community over the years. We look forward to another year of musing, poeming and wordsmithing with you. Cheers!!!

Second, it is time for our Quadrille prompt. For this challenge we are to write a poem of exactly 44 words, including a provided word. Today, this word is FLICKER. In the light of our anniversary, may your support continue to be unflickering, though your muse may be fickle as a flickering candle. (smiles)

Make it a slow dance verb, or steady adjective. Nail down a tiny movement noun. Whatever form your word takes, your poem needs to contain some semblance of the word FLICKER and be exactly 44 words long, not including the title. Here’s some more inspiration:

Words should wander and meander. They should fly like owls and flicker like bats and slip like cats. They should murmur and scream and dance and sing Picture Quote #1

Love so needs to love that it will endure almost anything, even abuse, just to flicker for a moment. But the sky’s mouth is kind, its song will never hurt you, for I sing those words Picture Quote #1

if you are new to Quadrille, here’s what to do:   

  • Post your poem of precisely 44 words, to your blog
  • Add a link (direct URL address) of your poem via the ‘Mr Linky’ below
  • Add the link for the dVerse posting so others can find their way here
  • Read and comment on other people’s work to let them know it’s being read
  • Share via your favorite social media platforms
  • The prompt is open for the whole week, so remember to come back and read (and write!) some more!
  • Most importantly, have fun!  

See you at the poetry trail ~  Grace