Hello everyone!   This is an opportunity to link up 1 poem of your choice as it is a no-prompt day here at dVerse.    However before we go into that, let me give you can update of our publication project, dVerse Anthology.   This is a voluntary and collaborative venture between the dVerse team and over 100 poets from around the world.

Poems were selected from those who participated in our prompts from the period August 2016 to early March 2017.   As a bonus, we invited some special poet friends to join us.  Plus we also included 1 poem by Vivienne Blake, with the permission from her daughter.  Vivienne, sadly, died suddenly last July 2016.  

Here’s the preview of the title cover and listing of all the poems in the Table of Contents.  The credit of the beautiful cover photo goes to one of our own, Paul Dear

Click on the preview link below, and you can download the pdf.  We are still proofreading the digital copy for errors:   https://www.createspace.com/Preview/1235501

If you have not yet pre-ordered, here is the link:   

https://goo.gl/forms/ jbq3crxGP4oX9ioR2  .  This will be available via Amazon and the cost of 1 printed copy is US $10.00 plus shipping charges.  Payment via  credit card is acceptable.   

Now, let’s start the party for OLN night.   To join us, here’s how to participate:

See you at the poetry trail. ~Grace~